FitPod Multi-Shot Bottle

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What Comes in the Bundle

Comes with (1) Multi-shot Cartridge and (1) FitPod Bottle.

Compatible With

  • Electrolyte Supplements
  • Liquid Water Enhancers
  • Dasani Drops
  • MiO Liquid Enhancer
  • STUR Drinks
  • And much More!!

Pre-Load Multiple Pods For Different Uses

Pre-load multiple pods for different uses (work out, energy, flavor, etc). Allows you to mix your perfect drink without opening the water bottle.

Extremely Easy To Clean

The bottle unscrews from the top as well as the bottom so you can easily access and clean the entire bottle as well as the pods. It’s extremely easy to clean, adjust, and customize.

FitPod is dishwasher safe.